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Counter Top Surfaces and Selections in Charlotte, NC

Which type of countertop to choose?

Although there are many options to choose from when deciding on the kind of surface you want for your counters, e.g. soapstone, stainless steel, real wood butcher block, marble, concrete, etc., the most common countertop products fall into one of four main categories – plastic laminate, solid surface, granite, and engineered quartz.

What's the difference?

Bar - Plastic laminate
Plastic laminate: Aka “Formica” as it has been traditionally called, is one of the least expensive surfaces. Made from multi-layered paper that has been specially treated under high pressure, the end product is a very durable product with almost unlimited color/pattern options. The technology used in today's laminates makes them much more resistant to chemicals and wear than in the past. And the aesthetics are dynamic especially with the newer high definition laminates. The advantages of laminate countertops are there their beauty, ease of fabrication, and economical cost. The disadvantages are that when damaged or scratched, need to be replaced, or cannot easily be repaired. Also, in the kitchen, a hot pan can permanently burn the surface. But over-all, under normal use, plastic laminate countertops are probably your best choice given their beauty and replacement cost. Common laminates are:
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Solid surface is a generic term which the industry uses to describe the synthetic acrylic or polyester/acrylic composites. These are “solid surfaces” in that they are generally not laminated over another substrate material like laminates are. In order to compete with the more expensive granite products, acrylic solid surfaces were designed to offer a somewhat lighter, more versatile material that can be made to resemble real stone, yet can be fabricated using typical wood- working tools, and are more economical that real stone. They also offer greater design options than natural stone. Although solid surface products can be 2-3 times the cost of laminate, the advantage is that unlike laminates, they are repairable. Because they are solid all the way through, surface scratches can be sanded out enabling a perpetually renewable surface. They are also non-porous allowing them to resist staining and ease of clean up. Although more heat resistant than laminate, the surface can burn or discolor with excessive heat. Some can be sanded out, or repaired. Solid surface products include:
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